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Badges, reports and emergency beacons

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Environmental badge for your car or motorcycle and receive it at your home comfortablyBuy it for 6.50 €. Shipping costs included
V-16 emergency beacon homologated by the DGTBuy it for 21.90 €19.95 € for customers who have purchased the badge on our website
V-16 emergency beacon homologated by the DGT + environmental stickerBuy the pack for 24.90 €
Official DGT report of your vehicleBuy it for 10.95 €

Authorized DGT distributor

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What documentation do I need to obtain my sticker?

You only need your ID or driver's license and vehicle registration certificate.

DNI frontorDriver's license front
+Registro certificado

What is the environmental badge and what is it for?

It is a sticker that indicates the level of contamination of your vehicle. And it should stick on the windshield of your vehicle, at the bottom of the passenger (right of the windshield).

Allowing to identify the most environmentally friendly vehicles in episodes of high pollution, circulation and regulated parking in the cities that need it.

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